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Print advertising in local small-town newspapers is the best way to reach the narrow demographic of people residing in small towns and rural America. If you want to reach out to a new customer base of over 1 million weekly readers, we can help!

Print is a great value!
With print, your ad is delivered to the reader. Web advertising requires the reader to find you, which is great if you want to reach a mass audience with a wide demographic. But to reach buyers unique to rural areas, your best value is a printed ad in the local newspaper!

SmallTownPapers can place your display ad in up to 300 member newspapers with circulations of 500 to 5,000. (Sorry, no classified placements through this service).

Contact SmallTownPapers for information on Display Ad Placement Service.

If you would like to place a display ad in a single newspaper, please contact publisher directly and mention SmallTownPapers. All publisher contact information can be found on this website. List Publications by State.

For regional and national placement with full agency representation of up to 10,000 weekly & monthly newspapers across the United States, contact your local state Newspaper Publisher Association ("NPA"). Start here.

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Press Release Service
With SmallTownPapers Press Release Service you can reach rural and small-town readers nationwide. We represent a very unique demographic that can be difficult to reach through other media sources.

SmallTownPapers can deliver your message directly to over 2,500 qualified small-market newspapers with weekly circulations from 500 to 5,000 with our Press Release Service.

Contact SmallTownPapers for information on Press Release Service.

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